Iris XMPP Library

What is it?

Iris is a Qt/C++ library for working with the XMPP protocol. Currently it is still under development, but already supports many important features. The design goal of Iris is to be written from the ground-up to fully support the official XMPP drafts. The library is powerful and easy-to-use, due to the heavy use of Qt constructs and data types. It should be useful for creating clients, servers, and other components.

What do I need to be able to use it?

Iris depends on Qt and QCA.

What features are supported?

How does it work?


What is the development plan?

1) Finish basic server support for xmpp-core
2) Ensure xmpp-core fully matches the draft
3) Write API docs for xmpp-core
4) Write full xmpp-im API
5) Additional important specs: x:data, MUC, etc
6) …

Where can I get it?

There are no official releases of the library yet. The latest source can be found in the ‘iris’ module of the Psi Git.

There is also conntest, a simple command-line tool (it is bundled with the Iris source and built as one mass, so you don’t need to download anything else).

What’s up with the name ‘Iris’?

Iris is the Greek goddess of messaging and the rainbow. She works part-time delivering XML.

Last updated November 5th, 2004.
Angel image by Patara.