Psi 0.15-rc1 released

The first release candidate of 0.15 is available.

Note: Psi 0.15 uses a new profile data format. Data from 0.14 and prior will be migrated to the new format when you run 0.15 for the first time.

– Merge many changes from Psi+.
– New message history browser.
– New, fast contact list window.
– TURN proxying for voice calls.
– Store data in more standardized locations based on the platform.
– No longer dependent on the Qt3Support library.
– Domains ending in .local now always work, whether via DNS server or mdns.
– Windows 64-bit and Mac 64-bit now supported. Mac PPC deprecated.
– Legacy SSL port probe feature removed.
– Various small features and bugfixes.

Since 0.14, this version contains about two years worth of merges from the Psi+ project. Thanks to Rion and Dealer_WeARE for diligently keeping the Psi source repo current all this time.


Sep 17: Final